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Sunday, October 17th 2004, 11:03am

More woes on the drip zone.

Finally got my diaphragm replaced for my Irritol 205, but broke my solenoid in the process, bought a new one, got everything hooked up, and...

Nothing happens. I turn the timer on, the drip system doesn't activate. I started it manually yesterday, and the timer didn't turn it off. This morning, I couldn't even start it manually; it would run for a few seconds and then switch off. If I twisted the solenoid or the little plastic screw in the back of the unit so that either one started leaking, it would start back up again, if I twisted them so they stopped leaking, the unit would shut down after a few seconds.

Any and all clues greatly appreciated here.



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Thursday, October 21st 2004, 4:15am

you probably pinched the tit on the bonnet just under the solenoid

This would cause the valve to not come on like you are toaking about

Take off bonnet and inspect the tit or it is crushed...
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Sunday, October 31st 2004, 1:45pm

Did you install the correct way ,you might have it backwards .

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