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Wednesday, August 18th 2004, 5:49pm

low volume problem

are there any valves that are designed to close under very small amounts of flow, such as 0.2 gpm. thing is I have installed a misting system that uses very little flow (like 0.2 gpm, as you can imagine a standard electric solenoid valve from rainbird or toro will not close due to the lack of flow. any ideas, technical or otherwise would be helpful.[8D]


Friday, August 20th 2004, 10:37am
fill it out or find a local sprinkler retailer that specializes in irrigation; Not a Home improvement store or a plumbing store. There are valves specifically made for low flow situations you just have to find them.


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Sunday, October 31st 2004, 1:36pm

The best thing to do is install any valve with a flow control then install a prv pressure regulater valve then install a filter which is usually used for drip systems you will have no problem then.

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