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Sunday, July 22nd 2018, 12:44pm

Hunter XC date resetting

My controller is a Hunter XC. Has worked great for the past year I've owned the house. As of last week, it reverts the date to Tuesday, July 10th. I've reset it numerous times and it keeps reverting back after the dial is rotated at all, or after it cycles. Times is always correct, but date is wrong. How do I fix it?



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Sunday, July 22nd 2018, 3:11pm

The lithium battery remembers the date. Try replacing it. It's #15 on Page 1.

With that said, there's another problem somewhere causing the issue.

Maybe the transformer wire is loose.
Maybe there's a problem with the outlet.
Maybe the transformer's plugged into the same outlet or circuit as the washing machine.
Maybe a faulty solenoid but since it also does it without the sprinklers running I'd rule the solenoid out for now.

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