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Tuesday, July 6th 2004, 11:05pm

why is my controller flashing me?

Hi, I am hoping someone here can assist me. I moved into a house that has an Irritrol Total Control sprinkler system already in place. Unfortunately, the previous owner didn't leave the manual.

Still, I was able to use it every other day on the "manual program" setting in which it will turn on each of the 6 zones for a specified number of minutes in sequence. I was content with that since i am lost when it comes to this sort of stuff. However, my young son got into the controller (which is mounted outside) while I was putting something away and now it won't even do that. There is also a new message on the display that wasn't there before: "<i>master valve</i>." Most perplexing is that it has 4 different programs A through D. I stuck to "Program A" when turning on the sprinkler manually (and sequentially). I never dealt with the other programs. The setting was on Program D when I discovered my son mauling it. Now, when I try to turn it on as usual, instead of starting up when I turn the dial to "Run", it merely flashes "A" and "D" at me as if I were never pressing the "ON" button to begin the manual sequence.

I do hope this makes sense and someone can help me. Here is a link to what the controller looks like:


ps- Did I mention that the sprinkler now turns on at odd times more than once a day (!) and I cannot figure out how to stop it? Please save my pocketbook.


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Wednesday, July 7th 2004, 4:25am

go to to download the manual.


Wednesday, July 7th 2004, 8:03pm

hey! how'd you find that?! i looked everywhere on that site for the manual. thanks. :)

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