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Sunday, June 13th 2004, 10:00am

Pulsating sprinkler won't rotate

I just installed a brand new Nelson pulsating sprinkler, and I want it
to rotate 180 degrees angle. When I first turn the water on, it rotates
a couple of times, and then it stay put.
Any idea why it doesn't rotate? I don't see anything blocking its way
This is a metal pulsating sprinkler I bought at the Orchard supply store

any suggestion would be appreciated



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Tuesday, June 15th 2004, 6:07pm

Could be low pressure. Check the "Kicker Arm" to make sure it's clear of debris. Push down on the head and turn the head to the left and right quickly - possible grit or sand in the seals. Check the spray nozzle to see if something is lodged in the opening. This doesn't work, take the piece of crap back to the store and get a Rainbird 15103-09 Impulse Head. They are the best impulse heads ever made.
Richard Kersten

S&R Sprinkler Systems and Landscaping, Inc.
Destin, Florida

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