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Friday, June 11th 2004, 11:49am

Sprinkler weeps w/valve off

Old system, Hardie electric valves. One station weeps water after the valve has closed.

I've installed a new diaphragm kit, exchanged the solenoid with a known good one, the interior of the valve is clean, the seat for the solenoid is not marred, the station comes on and shuts off correctly with the timer.

What could it be?

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Friday, June 11th 2004, 1:38pm

Well, sounds like you checked the most likely candidates. Take a good look at the body and cap of the valve itself. Even a hair thin crack will cause a valve to weep. Also, make sure the valve is screwed together tightly. My experience with old Hardie valves is limited, but consistently unpleasant....

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