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Friday, June 4th 2004, 6:40pm

Additional hose bibs connected to mainline

I would like to add some additional hose bibs away from the house.
The hose bibs would connect to a vertical pipe 2-4 feet above ground.
The vertical pipe will connect to the 1" PVC mainline.
All bibs will be downstream of the PVB.

Should the vertical pipe be copper or galvanized steel?
Could the vertical pipe be (wrapped) PVC and enclosed in a housing/box?

Will the vertical pipe need support other than a ground stake?

Are there winterization issues I should be concerned with?
(bib freeze, irrigation blowout, etc.)


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Monday, June 7th 2004, 4:22am

Just blow it out as you would your zones then leave it open for the winter. You do need to install those just like sprinkler heads a minimum of 12" below the PVB.


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Monday, June 7th 2004, 5:18am

Thanks Aquamatic.

> Minimum of 12" below the PVB

If I installed hose bib vacuum breakers, would I still need to be 12" below the PVB?

I will be installing my system in about 3 weeks.
(The SprinklerWarehouse boxes have arrived [:)])

Due to my sloped lot, I'm running the mainline uphill to connect to the PVB. Two of these hose bibs would be installed at the highest elevation.

I'm starting to re-think the PVB decision.
My first thought was to install a double-check assembly to avoid the 12" requirement. But after reading the (hazard) controversy surrounding DCs, I decided on a PVB. My life would certainly be easier with a DC. An (expensive) RPZ would reduce too much pressure.


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Monday, June 7th 2004, 5:43am

I would put a hose bib vacuum breaker on the new hose bib because once you attach a hose, you could wind up with the end of the hose higher than the PVB.

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