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Monday, April 23rd 2018, 7:03am

Noisy Anti-Backflow Valve used with booster pump


We have very low city water pressure, and I am on a hill. Pressure at the meter is only 25 PSI - less at my house. The town water system is gravity - not pumped - water storage tanks on hills all around us - house pressure depends on the height of the tank vs. the height of the house. We installed a booster pump in the house (top of the hill). It is a 1hp variable speed pump. When it was installed, the original pressure regulator/backflow valve was removed (there was still a backflow valve in the meter at the bottom of the hill). Everything was great until the meter backflow valve failed - the meter would run forward and backward and the pump would run intermittently all the time even with no water usage.

Please help.

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Monday, April 23rd 2018, 8:10am

Before there were variable speed pumps, the straightforward solution was a booster pump controlled by a pressure switch and a large pressure tank for storage. The ideal pressure switch would have a low-pressure cutoff in the event the city pressure was ever lost. A check valve on the pump input stopped water from flowing backwards through the pump.

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