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Friday, June 4th 2004, 7:15am

Irritrol 2600T and Hammering

When zone 2 starts on my sprinkler system, the pipes in the house hammer something awful. I have heard that this may be due to the valve opening too fast. My valve on zone 2 (and zone 1) is an Irritrol 2600T.

Do I need to replace the valve or is there an adjustment I can make to try and stop this from occurring.



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Friday, June 4th 2004, 10:58am

I'm no expert on the situation you describe, but from what I've read else where, it's VERY unlikely that you would get water hammer from a valve openning too fast (I couldn't even begin to immagine the physics behind something like that). Usually, water hammer occurs because a valve is CLOSED quickly when water has been flowing too fast (greater than around 7ft/sec) and has no where to go.

Try reading this web page [ ] on what makes noises in plumbing systems.


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Friday, June 4th 2004, 3:13pm

I came across a situation like that once. What I did was switch a couple zone wires in the controller so that zone came on after a different one. Why that solved the problem I do not know but, it sure did. Try it and you will be able to see if it truely zone #2 or the zone following zone #1. It will tell you alot about what is going on. I agree with HooKooDooKu. A valve opening will not cause a water hammer but, it is caused by a sudden stop of flow. I hope that helps.


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Sunday, June 6th 2004, 6:52am

It could be that the valve on zone 2 is not opening properly. It may be opening and closing very rapidly when your timer switches to zone 2- thus causing water hammer. Have you checked the diaphragm inside the valve?


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Sunday, June 6th 2004, 8:08am

Thanks for the input. After taking some of your comments under consideration, last night I tried some debugging. I turned off zone 1 so that I would only get zone 2 opening, rather than zone 1 closing and then zone 2 opening. The hammering did not occur. I know that one test run without zone 1 is not sufficient to prove that zone 1 was the culprit, but since zone 1 is kind of useless anyways, so if I continue to be hammer free, I might end up being too lazy to try and get zone 1 working again.

This could potentially change my original post to the problem being that zone 1 closes too fast. If anyone wants to address that issue, you're thoughts are more than welcome. [:)]

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