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Sunday, May 30th 2004, 1:07pm

Do you have an updated address for FX Luminaire? The link you put in is no longer a valid address. Thanks


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Sunday, May 30th 2004, 5:11pm


I purchase my products from a local distributor. Most irrigation distributors and several electrical distributors in my area sell low voltage lighting. Malibu is not a product a lighting contractor should be installing. The product is meant for a diy'er. I'm assuming you are not a lighting contractor.

There are too many manufacturers to mention and by no means are these the only higher end manufacturers, but here are a few - FX Luminaire, Hadco, Vista, Cast, SPL, Nightscaping, Unique, Focus.....
The finish on copper, brass, or bronze will lightily patina with age, but most of the fixtures will be there for a very long time. Most come with a 10 year to lifetime warranty on the fixture itself. Not the lamp or the socket. Then come the aluminum and composits (Ryton). Most aluminum fixtures come with at least 3 year to 10 year warranty. Some composits come with longer warranties. You need to find a distributor you can trust and buy his better product.

I would not wire more than 5 fixures per hub so you probably need to make 2 runs. Cast, Unique, and SPL offer hubs for sale. You can make your own with a section of 2 inch conduit and a cap or black pvc and direct burial wire nuts. If the address for FX does not work for you, try Goggle search. The address still works for me.



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Monday, May 31st 2004, 9:26am

<blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by waterpilot</i>
<br />SamIV,
Do you have an updated address for FX Luminaire? The link you put in is no longer a valid address. Thanks
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The address is valid, SamIV has a period (.) in the link. Take it out if you directly clicking on it or type into your browser.

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