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Saturday, March 24th 2018, 7:11am

High (835 mA) currrent after replacing weathermatic s20p solenoid

I replaced a weathermatic s20p solenoid for Zone 11 as it was short. The current in controller for this zone 11 shows around 835 mA. So when I turn the program, zone 12 & 13 gets triggered first and then it goes to zone 11. Zone 13 is the last zone. All other zones have current around 240 mA, which is expected.

Any suggestions? thank you !!!


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Saturday, March 24th 2018, 8:21am

Disconnect one of the solenoid wires, at the solenoid, and check the current again. You do this because your observation was for both solenoid and wiring combined. You want to check each of them individually.

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