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Tuesday, April 27th 2004, 5:33pm

Part 1 of 3: Advice on automating two drip zones

Hi Guys,

I've been reading the forum for a while and enjoyed reading your recommendations and advice. I'm in the planning stages of a three-part lawn, garden and patio/deck watering system. My order of priority is the 1. patio/deck, 2. garden and 3. the lawn and bushes. I want to use low-volume drip systems on the patio and deck (separate zones for each) and also for the garden (8 raised beds, plus a long strip of blackberries). I appreciate your feedback to see if I'm approaching this correctly or if I need to rethink something. Note if there is a better place/forum to ask this question please let me know. This post is for goal one... automate the watering of the patio and deck plants.

Given that I have 5 more weeks of recovery time from heria surgery and can't do much of anything (no lifting or digging), I planned, as a quick first step, to buy a hose-end timer and a good drip kit to handle watering the patio and deck plants. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realized the timer would be a wasted investment as I would eventually need to buy a good controller for the garden and yard. So, I've changed directions and am going to get the Hunter ProC controller and will temporarily put together a two-zone above-ground valve system connected to my spigot to water the plants on the porch and deck. I'm trying to make do in the meantime and use the only easily accessible water source available.

In addition to the ProC 300i, I'm looking at the Raindrip DVF 100 valves (or the Irritrol 2400T... Hey Ray). I'm thinking the flow adjusability of the DVF 100 would be good to use on these two drip zones. Does this make sense? If I do this will I still need a pressure regulator as included with most drip kits? If the flow-control of the DVF doesn't buy anything, then I'll probably switch to the 2400T. BTW, I'm looking at ordering a kit from the Drip Store (here the kit... Anyone know if DIG a good reliable brand?

What do you guys think? Will this work until I'm able to install a more permanent solution?

Is it okay to locate the 300i on a screen porch? This would be nearer the spigot. Or should I use the outdoor version?

Thanks for your input. Let me know if you have any suggestions or if I need to provide a better picture of what I'm trying to do.

BTW, I am going to use SprinklerWarehouse as they have good prices (not the lowest on everything, but competitive), and they host this forum.

And, if there is a drip irrigation forum you can recommend, I would appreciate it.




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Wednesday, April 28th 2004, 4:14am

As for drip you might want to learn about NETAFIM drip systems. They just came out with a Tech CV tube that self flushes itself and is easier to maintain without to many additional devices. They also have an all in one valve, regulator and filter kit which makes setting up very easy

You can learn about them at

Also Rainbird came out with a drip system line

These 2 web sites have downloadable design manuals.

As for the PRO C- Great Choice! If your screen room is exposed to rain, I would go with the outdoor model. If not go with the indoor

You also mentioned connecting to your spigot- BE SURE to install a backflow device to protect your drinking water.


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Wednesday, April 28th 2004, 5:45am

Thanks Aquamatic. I'll look at the netafim and rainbird sites for tube and valve/filter assemblies.

Thanks too for the reminder on the backflow preventer.


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