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Tuesday, April 20th 2004, 6:56am

pressure problem

I have an existing rainbird 5 station sprinkler system and the last zone has 12 heads on it. I want to put an irrigation pump on just the last zone for spray pattern increase as well as pressure problems. Is there a certain pump to use and is is difficult?


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Tuesday, April 20th 2004, 5:33pm

I assume the other 4 stations are working ok. You didnt say how much flow/pressure you have or what kind of heads are on the 6th station. 12 heads sounds like a lot of heads for a single zone. It seems that the flow and pressure you need exceed the available flow and pressure. The easiest fix could be to simply change the spray nozzles to lower flow nozzles if possible. If not, then I would consider dividing that station into two 6 head stations. Im guessing you have a 6 station controller, so no change there. Splitting it into two stations should be easier than trying to add a pump for a single station. Hope this helps...


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Wednesday, April 21st 2004, 3:58am

I do have a 6 station with only 5 stations hooked up but the problem is whoever installed the system ran the 5th zone all the way around the back yard to get to the other side of my driveway which is over 300 feet long. The system was good until I started installing heads to fix the dry spots the original system was missing. I think a pump will increase the spray pattern and also save on trenching all the way back to the original sprinkler line.

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