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Friday, April 16th 2004, 1:32pm

Blow - Out System

Is it ok to blowout a system through the backflow, or is it better to do it after?!? What is the most common blowout attachment on a system?!? Thanks.


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Friday, April 16th 2004, 6:46pm

I seem to recall being told once that it's against the standard plumbing code to install a connection point before the backflow because you could "push" stuff back into your house plumbing. I think the basic idea is that you don't include anything before the backflow so as to prevent some idiot who doesn't know how the system is set up from doing something stupid that allows "stuff" into the potable water supply.


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Sunday, April 18th 2004, 4:50pm

That is what I thought too, i just ran a 1" copper water line from my meter to the out side. (installed a shut off vavle and an inline hose bib connecter to drain the water out of the line in the winter. Is a hose bib the most common type of blow out connecter?!?

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