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Tuesday, April 13th 2004, 11:05pm

Hunter wireless rain sensor

I'm going to go ahead and trust Hunter has thought of this... but I'm about to install a wireless rain sensor (hunter) next door to a system that is already using a Hunter wireless sensor. These signals aren't the same or can shut each other off can they? Does each package receiever and transmitter correspond only to each other? Like I said... I'm going to go ahead and do it but if you see any glaring problems with this let me know.


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Wednesday, April 14th 2004, 1:57am

You will not have that problem- They the transmitter only syncs when the receiver is plugged in. This is a question I asked at a seminar and they mentioned that these wireless systems do come with a million different programmed codes. I would still check with your neighbor after install to see if there is any interference

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