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Wednesday, April 7th 2004, 2:48pm

Pump problems

I am at my wits end and I really need some advice. I have a 2hp Flint & Walling CJ101 Centrifugal pump that was spraying water when turned on, but I had plenty of pressure to run the sprinkler system just fine. I wanted to correct the spray problem so I replaced the rotary seal and found one of the impellers was looking pretty rough so I also replaced the impeller. I connected the pump again, primed it, then fired it up. Now I get absolutely nothing. I have tried everything I can think of to get this thing to draw water. I have filled the pump and intake pipe with water and as I type this the pump has been running now for about 45 minutes and still nothing is happening. I don't think it is my well because it worked fine before I replaced the pump parts. I also verified the check valve is working fine, and I don't have a pressure tank. The pump is directly connected to the well. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!


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Tuesday, April 13th 2004, 5:38pm

Clogged intake maybe?

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