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Sunday, September 24th 2017, 6:51pm

Timer to go on a (battery op) riser for my home drip system?

The timers I have seen online at Home Depot are made to go onto a hose bib. I want to connect a timer to a riser in the garden and I'm guessing I will need an elbow hose valve between the riser and the timer (unless there are timers that screw right onto a riser). Also it should be readable and programmable from the angle it will rest at. A normal timer would be upside down because it screws into a hose bib at the top and the outlet to the tubing is below, exactly upside down for what I need. Thanks.




Sunday, September 24th 2017, 6:54pm

I meant to say that the timer should be battery operated.

I need a battery operated timer.

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