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Monday, April 5th 2004, 4:19pm

Supply Line and GPM Question

My static pressure at the closest hose bib to my meter (in house) is 50 psi. Using the toro psi/gpm manifold set, i only get 3.4 - 4 gpm at 35 psi witch i know is low. My home supply after the meter is 3/4" copper, and the hose bib outside i know is 1/2". Is there a formula or table to tell me what my gpm would be off of 3/4" or is there a big difference?!? Can I turn up my water regulator (max setting of 80 psi) to get a better working pressure or gpm?!?

Also, is it better to run 1" poly after the valves, or should i keep it 3/4"?!?

Please Help.. Thanks.


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Wednesday, April 7th 2004, 5:59am

go to:

Locate to download the "Hunter Residential Design Handbook"

It lists a table on estimated gpm for meter and pipe sizes. This is a great resource for all you do it yourselfers

As for the poly. Go with the 1"/ Less friction loss and ideal size to work with unless you are doing some very short runs and have low gpm

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