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Friday, September 8th 2017, 6:42pm

Add a zone / control valve problems

Hello all!

I'm not sure where else to turn so I'm hoping you can help me. My front and side yard sprinklers are not working. The previous owners split the zone into two zones using "add a zone". I had a professional here to help and we were unable to locate the add a zone box, however, he replaced one of the solenoids and the sprinklers worked and then appeared to short. He told me we needed to find that box bc there is something wrong with it causing a short.

In the interim, I messed with the wiring at the control box and plug in all the bare wires to zones. One day it rained hard and the front sprinklers activated with the panel set to off. I feel like somehow it completed the circuit. Weird.

I located the add a box myself and replaced it, wiring it exactly the same. It didn't solve the problem. Front and side still not working.

I'm fairly new to messing with irrigation so my questions for you are. The fuse or whatever at the control box it is works properly

1. Can a shorted solenoid disrupt the circuit?
2. How can I test the wires to make sure the add a zone is wired properly?
3. Any other suggestions/tests you have?


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Saturday, September 9th 2017, 9:55am

For the money, sometimes completely replacing the doubtful wire can be your best bet. Much more physical labor, but the one way, without having test instruments, to get the result you need.

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