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Saturday, March 27th 2004, 9:45am

Trenching in very rocky soil

I have a very large yard, approx. 13,000 sq/ft. I went out and got bids to hire a professional to put in my system. First bid was 4400 dollars, which included about 6 zones, and partly due to the rocky soil. The question I have is, if I was to do the work my self with a Ditch Witch, about how big of rocks will it kick out, and would it be worth my time to do it myself? Rock size all the way from quarter size up to about cantalope size, with some bigger rocks in the yard, mostly river rock.

And also are there any good web sites of companies that help you design your yard?

Thanks, Dylan


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Thursday, April 1st 2004, 4:15pm

I think if you have that many rocks in your yard it would be wise to leave the job to a professional......

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