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Thursday, August 3rd 2017, 10:43am

Rainbird T-Connectors Broken Again!

Hi Guys,
I installed a Rainbird 32ETI system in my yard. We have a ton of clay in my area and the yard swells and changes constantly. As a result, the sprinkler heads will be too high one day, and underground the next. I installed concrete doughnuts around the sprinkler heads, and it is amazing how they can sink down into the yard and almost disappear.
My problem is that every few months or so the sprinklers fail. I dig up the sprinkler head and I will inevitably find that the plastic t-connector that fits into the bottom on the sprinkler is broken in half. My theory is that either the yard guys or the Tru-green guys are driving over the sprinkler heads and the equipment drives the head down, crushing the t-connector against the rock hard clay below.
Obviously, the concrete doughnuts aren't cutting it in terms of protecting the sprinkler. Isn't there some way to shore up the t-connector. Pad it? Replace it with foot-thick steel? Anyone else having the Rainbird plastic connectors fail? I am so tired of replacing these darn things that I'm almost ready to shell out the thousands to have a pro system put in. Just cause I give up. Almost. I'm stubborn.
Thanks for the assist!


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Thursday, August 3rd 2017, 10:21pm

Try an intermediate fitting, so the head isn't resting directly on whatever you have that is breaking.

Commonly used for sprinkler heads is the Marlex Elbow

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