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Wednesday, March 17th 2004, 6:20pm

Leaky valve/PSI pressure

I have installed a new 3/4 inch Orbit Water Master Sprinkler Valve, Model 57023. The garden variety type that can be purchased at any Home Depo, etc. I replaced the previous valve because it was leaking internally between the pressured side (input) and the non-pressurized side (output). This tiny internal leak was causing one of my down stream sprinklers to drip continuously. When I installed the new sprinkler valve the problem did not go away as planned. I measured the the PSI pressure on the water line. The pressure is 85 PSI. The sprinkler valves say they want PSI pressure at a max of 80. I assume this means that the spring loaded solenoid plunger is not strong enough to hold the water back. Any recommendations on a higher rated (PSI pressure) sprinkler valve? Or any other alternative.


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Wednesday, March 17th 2004, 7:01pm

Install a pressure regulator

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