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Sunday, June 4th 2017, 5:08pm

raindrop icon HunterProC

When I set days to water only the water drop in the circle shows - indicating a non water day. There is no water drop to indicate a water day. The rest of the controller works as indicated in the manual. The water icon showed last year. Does that mean a blank is a water day?

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Sunday, June 4th 2017, 5:24pm

I have a problem programming the days of the week with the new Hunter Pro-C. I've goofed it up more than once.
It confuses me because when i program the days and push next, there's another set of days to program. I don't even know how to explain it correctly.
Try pushing the next button to see if it shows the correct days.
It confuses my home owners all the time.
Try looking at the screen that does not say "interval". On that interval page it shows the days again and that's where the confusion comes in.

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