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Thursday, January 15th 2004, 11:33am

should I return it ??

I'am new here and have a qustion.I just purshed some ORBIT stuff on sale (not knowing there stuff was'nt the hot ticket).I wanted to know if I should return the stuff and,buy a better brand.I'am going to install a full system come spring time.[ORBIT 8 station timer model 57008,eight ORBIT 1" threaded auto-anti-siphon valves model 57224,ORBIT auto-pump start relay model 57009.thanks


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Thursday, January 15th 2004, 12:59pm

I would say if you wanted to put in professional grade products, return them and get them here at the Warehouse. Cheapest prices around.

I may suggest you get the Rainbird ESP-Li 8 Station timer, Hunter Pump start relay, Rainbird DV valves, and Hunter PGP heads.


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Friday, March 12th 2004, 11:36am

Yes ,return the items and purchase Hunter Pro C timer ,valves etc.

The Pro C is expandable to 12 Zones ,and starts you off with a 3 station module

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Friday, March 12th 2004, 4:01pm

Actually PRO C's are now upgraded up to 15 zones

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