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Friday, April 14th 2017, 7:01am

Sprinkler zone runs for 30sec after pressurizing system

I have a 7 zone system. Whenever I pressurize the entire system at the water main just one zone's rotors run for about 30 seconds then it quits and behaves normally. My system pressure is quite high, about 150psi. The valve is a standard rainbird residential/light commericial 1" valve. This is the zone nearest to the water main.

I am certain that this zone is not enabled by the controller during pressurization. I am thinking perhaps the valve may be weak or have some issue. None of my other zones behave this way when the system is pressurized. The issue has been present since we bought the house last year. Again, only happens during pressurization. Afterwards normal behavior by this zone.

Should I be looking at a full valve replacement, partial replacement, or elsewhere as the solution?

Btw, the components of the sprinkler system itself could be 14 years old.

Thank you!

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Saturday, April 15th 2017, 2:42am

Try turning the flow control down a bit and see if it shuts off sooner.

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