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Monday, March 8th 2004, 10:01am

2" valve for automated sprinkler system?

My front yard area has a valve on a 2" pipe.

I have automated the backyard just fine (it has 1" valves).

The valve in the front is a straight through design:

---- -----

(XX is the valve)

This is not PVC, but rather Brass I believe. So my questions are:

1) does anyone recommend a certain brand? I was thinking of this:
Irritrol 217B 2" Angle/Globe Valve----------------$79.99
Irritrol 700-2 2" Globe Valve w/ FC

2) will there be any problem putting a PVC valve assembly inline with the existing pipes?

I dont want to spend $200 for a brass valve.
Thanks for your help.


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Monday, March 8th 2004, 10:02am

the XX was supposed to be over the gap. it got reformated.

so like so:


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