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Monday, March 1st 2004, 3:55pm

Design validation needed please!!

Well I think I am done with my design. I know I will have to make slight tweeks to the arc's on some the heads once I get it installed. Everything I did in the design was from Jess Stryker's tutorial. My tested pressure is 56PSI and using 30PSI sprinkler heads my total pressure loss is ~50PSI. I have 15GPM flow (5/8 meter with 1" service line) from city water. I think I will be using the following equiptment unless I get some advise here to stay away from something.

<b>Rotors</b> - Hunter PGP 4" (not sure if I should use a low arc in the back by the bald cypress, please advise)
<b>Sprayers</b> - Hunter SRS 4"
<b>Nozzles</b> - Hunter for the most including the end and side strips and some rainbird 4 and 6 series VANs for the small bed areas.
<b>Controller</b> - Hunter SRC 9 zone.
<b>PVB</b> - Febco 1"
<b>Rain sensor</b> - Hunter mini-clik

I plan on doing 7 zones total. In the back I will be using rotors for everything but the bed (in the bed I used 5x30 side strips and 5x15 corner strips). I know I have some overspray onto the patio. I am not going to worry about that as soon I will be building a larger patio and all three heads on the house side will be moved up. Please let me know if there are any major pitfalls to my design. I really appreciate any help on this!

Here is a link to my design



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Thursday, March 4th 2004, 12:32pm

Looks good! How did you get that designed! I see you have triangular spacing and everything. Looks perfect. Good selection of products too!


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Friday, March 5th 2004, 3:36am

All of my design was based on Jess Stryker's tutorials. I used Visio 2003 to design the whole system. Thanks for the feedback!


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