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Monday, August 1st 2016, 10:25am

St. Augustine with 4" popups too short

I have St. Augustine grass which (as recommended by my yard nursery) I mow at my highest mower setting which is 4+ inches. They say I need to shade the roots as much as possible especially when it is hot as the devil. My 4" popups just don't get far enough above the grass to do a good job of watering. I found one other post about 4" popups being too short for St. Augustine but thought there would be lots of posts about this issue. I figure either my heads are installed too low or everyone else in Florida cuts their grass shorter or everyone has 6 inch popups. Anyone, especially from Florida, have any experience with this issue? thanks!



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Monday, August 1st 2016, 8:39pm

I have tons of experience with St. Augustines. It gets dang thick sometimes. So thick it's hard to walk on.
Yep your sprinklers are too low. Or you could switch to 6" pop ups.
Or you could mow it lower. 4" is pretty thick. I live on So. Cal so we get lots of sun like Florida. It doesn't need to be 4" thick to protect the roots. It's pretty hardy stuff.
It uses less water than most lawns as well. I used to have it in my yard and I over watered it 1 day a week and it stayed green. I did have some shade though from the trees.

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