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Monday, July 18th 2016, 10:50am

Q re adding heads to an existing zone.

I have a 1" poly line zone with 3 Rainbird rotary heads. Some of my zone have 7-8 heads, so pressure is no problem. I need to add 2 more heads on the zone with 3 heads to get better coverage.

The existing main is a straight line line out of the vale box with 3 - 360 degree heads. I was thinking I would come off the main in 2 locations and add 2 valves in that are 180 degree spray. This should help with the overlap and cover the dead space between the 3 - 360 degree spray arch.

Can I just used the poly saddle valve (with barb) and about ~20' of funny pipe to feed each head? Or is 20' of funny pipe feeding a head too much?

Thanks !


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Monday, July 18th 2016, 1:19pm

No saddle tees. Run regular piping to the new head locations.


Monday, July 18th 2016, 7:11pm

So run a branch off the existing main?

So just tap into the existing line with a 1" Tee and then run the new line into the area where I want the new heads. Then would I use a saddle Tee to feed the first head and put the 2nd head at the end of the line?


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Tuesday, July 19th 2016, 8:59am

try to find it within yourself to never choose to use saddle tees

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