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Sunday, July 17th 2016, 4:21pm

Valve not coming on, tried some things

I moved into a house and the inspector didn't find that a zone wasn't working on the opposite side of the house. This morning I went out and turned the bleed screw all the way in and the thing came on, but wouldn't go off even with the wire for that zone removed from the controller. I went down and bought a new valve and replaced the bonnet (Rainbird 100dv) but that didn't help. Only then did I measure the voltage. At the controller that zone is getting 24V. At the valve it is getting 10v.

Pretty sure that means I have a splice corroding or a wire nicked someone, doesn't it? I'm really worried that is the issue because the wires run from the other side of the house around the back yard which is covered in pool decking. There are three other red wires running along with it and those zones all work. The common wire is also there and seems ok. I got some 14g red solid wire like is buried and ran a jumper all the way around the house and directly connected between the controller and the solenoid while using the buried common wire. That activated the zone.

I don't have a wire tracer, I don't see any obvious splices before the wires head into the ground, and I don't really want to rig the system up (but the thought of just running the wire for that zone up and through the attic and dropping down the other side has gone through my mind). I have googled the fire out of the internet and can't find the right search parameters to figure out what I'm looking at for rewiring a single solenoid.

I'll go hit up the other forums here to find out the suggestions for a homeowner model wire tracer that might help me find a bad splice.




Sunday, July 17th 2016, 4:22pm

On second thought I might have been opening the bleeder screw. I can't remember, that was 9 hours of Texas heat ago



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Monday, July 18th 2016, 4:13am

You said you ran a wire around the house and the valve then worked verifying the wire in the ground is bad.

You also said you don't know how to wire it up if you ran a wire through the attic? What's the difference?

Either use that wire or buy a 100 foot roll of 5 strand wire. That way you'll have more extra wires if you need them in the future.

Just make sure 100 feet will reach. I ran a 100 foot one time around a house thinking I had more than enough and came up 2 feet short. Measure how far it is and figure on another 15 feet just because. If you need more you can buy it off a bigger roll of wire at the Home Depot or Lowes.

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