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Thursday, July 7th 2016, 8:20pm

PVB gushes water regardless if system is on or off

I went to turn on my sprinklers and after opening the water line to the system, the PVB started gushing water out the top. I checked the bonnet and poppet and for good measure replaced them. Same thing. Then I replaced the entire PVB. Same result. Doesn't matter if the system is on or off, manual or automatic, the water just gushes right out of the top of the PVB. Not sure what my next steps should be.


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Thursday, July 7th 2016, 8:49pm

Close the isolation valves on the PVB. Open the supply valve to the system. Make certain there are no partially-closed valves anywhere upstream in the supply. Open the lower isolation valve on the PVB. Wait a second, then open the upper isolation valve. If the PVB starts dumping close the upper isolation valve, until the dumping stops.

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