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Monday, November 30th 2015, 4:21pm

Help blowing out sprinklers, new house

Hi, just bought a house and trying to figure out how to blow out the sprinklers. My old house was set up differently. My water meter is underground at the curb line. About a foot away is a valve box with one valve/solenoid. I have 4 zones. So I figure they tapped in after the water meter but before the house. It's like there's 1 single valve on the main feed then there should be 4 valves for the zones, which I can't find another valve box. So I looked in where the water meter is and saw a small valve, I turned it off, then went in the valve box, unscrewed a plastic threaded plug in the top of the tee that is connected to the single valve/solenoid. Turned on zone 1, Hooked my compressor up and started to blow out that zone. I went in the house and opened the kitchen faucet and water/ air was spitting out. I disconnected the compressor, put everything back the way it was. Was this system installed correctly or am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated, thanks -John


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Monday, November 30th 2015, 5:35pm

Can you take some photos? Tinypic is a great place to upload them and provides you with a line of 'forum code' to copy and paste into the message box.

{P. S. - please edit your profile to include your location, so you can get more specific advice}

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