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Saturday, October 17th 2015, 12:29am

Adjusting direction of shrubbery spray heads

Howdy folks -

I've got a collection of 12" risers with Rain Bird fixed plastic nozzles on top of them in my irrigation system. One in particular was a quarter circle that I want to change to a half circle, but when I screw on the new nozzle, it's facing 180 degrees in the wrong direction. The wall doesn't need water!

Besides adjusting the radius of the spray, I don't see an obvious way to get this thing to point in the right direction.

This seems like it should be a simple thing...I haven't just grabbed the channel lock pliers and manhandled the thing yet - is that the magic trick? What am I missing?


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Sunday, October 18th 2015, 9:14pm

I believe you should be able to grab on to the head and twist the smaller stem so it shoots where you want it to.


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Monday, October 19th 2015, 6:50am

Turn the riser.


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Monday, October 19th 2015, 9:47am

OK - so it is that easy. :) Will give it a try later this week and report back. Thanks for the replies!


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Wednesday, October 28th 2015, 5:15pm

Reiser turned easily with a pair of pliers. Thanks guys!

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