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Sunday, October 11th 2015, 11:18am

Wayne 1hp jet well pump cycles rapidly

i have a 5-zone system with 3 rotator heads per zone. I recently had a well point installed and I worked with a neighbor to construct a pump system using a Wayne SWS100 1hp jet well pump. Since the beginning this pump was a nightmare and has not worked properly. We have constructed the glued pvc lengths on the suction and discharge side. I have a union on the suction side on the correct side of my check valve and a union at the discharge so I can remove the pump from the housing its stored in.

This is now the third pressure control I've installed on the pump. The first time I messed with the cut on and off pressure by adjusting the tension on the screws and found out after from the company that the control should not be adjusted.i bought another one on eBay and I was having the same problem without adjusting the control. Finally I bought a third control directly from the company and one again without messing with the 30-50psi factory calibrated cuts, I had fast cycling almost immediately, without running a zone at all. This was happening in the process of priming the pump.

I am at a complete loss and Wayne is near impossible to get in touch with for tech support. The pump is inoperable in current conditions. I have a pressure gauge attached at the discharge side to measure my throughput and the gauge goes nuts when the pump cycles, obviously.

It's possible I could have an air leak somewhere because the pressure at initial priming would reach cut off psi and then cycle back on after the pressure dropped a touch. After that the cycling is out of control.

I have a rubber fitting where the wellpoint exits the ground and right angles to continue into the housing, it's an 1-1/4" x 1-1/2" fitting with screw clamps and it is pvc glued on both ends. ?(

Please, please if any one has any insight it would be greatly appreciated.....


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Sunday, October 11th 2015, 3:03pm

Tell us about the pressure tank you have on this system.

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