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Tuesday, September 22nd 2015, 11:36am

Replacing a Hunter Pro C Controller

I bought a home with a Hunter Pro C Controller that looks like it was purchased in 2001. Have occasional problems (ERR) and think that replacing the unit with a new Hunter Pro C or I core able to service 25 or so stations is simplest approach. Can the new unit simply replace the old (plug in the new) and then program the stations with start and run time (in other words, don't have to do anything more than replace and reprogram)? Any reason to get metal instead of plastic (have plastic now).


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Tuesday, September 22nd 2015, 3:27pm

If you are getting error messages you could have valve or wiring issues. Of course, you would have to rewire the new controller. The only reason to get a metal cabinet is to secure it against vandals(or bears).

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