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Wednesday, August 5th 2015, 10:27pm

No zones turn on

I am lost here.

Until two days ago my system has worked fine.

Have an Orbit 9 zone controller and when I start the program cycle the display acts normal, each zone shows it is running and the time counts down. But the valve doesn't open and no water flows.

I have checked the voltage at the controller and when zone one is on, all zones have 27 volts at them. The same when any of the 9 zones are running.

I have checked the continuity across all 9 zones and there is continuity across all zones wires (checked at the controller).

The resistance across all zones is kind of around 26 ohms, it starts at around 4 ohms and keeps going up and kind of levels out at around 26 ohms, but none of the zones are OL.

Thus I am lost as to why none of the zones run.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.




Thursday, August 6th 2015, 6:54pm

Even more lost now...

I turned the system on tonight and it works fine.

Maybe the controller is flaking out......



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Thursday, August 6th 2015, 9:38pm

If you have a master valve the diaphragm might be getting old.

If you have a rain sensor that could be the issue.

It could be that the common wire is loose somewhere and you have an intermittent problem.

I vote for the third option. Redo all the wire splices. Also make sure the wire's secure to the controller.




Wednesday, August 26th 2015, 8:15pm

How to manually open sprinkler valve

I'm totally new to this. Just bought a house with a sprinkler system. Previous owner showed me how to use the control panel but now when I try it nothing happens.

How do I manually open a valve to see if it works. This is what I'm looking at:


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Thursday, August 27th 2015, 8:50am

Is this a drip irrigation system? Can you see any make/model markings on the valves?

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