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Novice Sprinkler Guy



Sunday, July 26th 2015, 10:30am

First time sprinkler toro- TMC 212

I recently moved into my new home with toro TMC 212 sprinkler system was winterized until this morning. I turned on the water supply and turned controller to on position. My question is how can I turn the sprinkler on now simply to test all sprinkler heads and locate a few as maps to their location....?



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Sunday, July 26th 2015, 2:23pm

Hello Novice Guy, you've asked your question on a thread that's 4 years old.

Click on This then look for "new topic". It's on the right hand side near the top of the Page. Click on that and ask your question there and someone will help you out.

Thank you, mrfixit.

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