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Wednesday, January 14th 2004, 4:46am

Pop Up Distance

I'm looking to use pop up sprinklers to cover a narrow, but long section of grass. I want to use the 180 degree pop ups. I see they can cover 15'. Obviously, that is from left to right. But how far will it spray directly in front of the spray head? I need to water a 10' x 40' section, so I need it to spray 10' in width.


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Wednesday, January 14th 2004, 5:09am

a 15' popup spray head will cover a semicircle with a 15' radius. You will want to use 10' heads and space them 10' apart to get head to head coverage.



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Wednesday, January 14th 2004, 3:44pm

Pete got it right on the dot. Make sure you keep the number of heads below the GPM capacity so the zone operates correctly.

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