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Friday, June 19th 2015, 11:19am

Broken head - Rain Bird 3500

Excuse me if I am using incorrect terminology... I'm a sprinkler noob.

In any case, while attempting to adjust the spray on one of my Rain Bird 3500 series heads, I snapped off the top (rotating part) of the riser. Based on what I can see, I need to replace the whole thing. The head is counter-sunk into the ground to the point where the riser only lifts about 2" over the ground so I'm guessing that means the top of the head is around 2" below the surface. I'm going to buy a new head.

This is a rental property so I'm trying to do this: (1) as cheaply as possible, (2) as easily as possible, and (3) without destroying the grass (or at little as necessary). I live in Northern FL and it's hot / sunny and has also been fairly dry lately. Recommendations?

Considering how deeply the head is buried and that I'm totally clueless about how the water lines are run, I'm trying to figure out if I can avoid digging up the whole area. Is there a way to just pull the cap off the head and replace the guts from the new head I'm buying? Or am I asking for more trouble if I do so? Whatever help I can get would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance.


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Friday, June 19th 2015, 4:25pm

buy a new sprinkler head of same make and model - unthread the old one - thread in the new one

that's the simple concept, but it's easier said than done sometimes, and you might do best do dig away the dirt around the head, including where it connects to the system, so that you don't get any dirt into the plumbing

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