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Saturday, June 13th 2015, 4:40pm

Bought house w/ sprinkler system. Can't get heads to pop up.

Hi everyone,

I've just discovered this forum and hope that someone may be kind enough to point a novice like me in the right direction.

I just bought a house, and my front yard has a simple in-ground sprinkler system. It has no central control, and appears to be set to operate when the system's main line is attached to the house's front hose spigot.

When I first tried to use it, I found 5 areas in the lawn that began seeping water. After a bit of exploration, I uncovered 4 Hunter PGP sprinkler rotors. (Is that the proper term?) I haven't been able to locate a 5th rotor in the other area where water seeps.

Now uncovered, the heads still do not pop up. I'm wondering if the 5th wet area may be a leak in the system that's causing a lack of pressure and is the reason they don't pop up. Or, should I just keep looking for that 5th rotor, and this may be an entirely different problem.

Any ideas on what the issue may be, and tips on how to start to determine the cause would be greatly appreciated.





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Saturday, June 13th 2015, 5:24pm

Hi Scott, Yep PGP's are rotors. Just call them PGP's and we'll know what you're talking about.

You need to find the source of that 5th wet spot. It shouldn't be hard to find. Fix all the leaks is your first priority. Then we can figure out why they aren't popping up.

Try putting your finger over one of the nozzles shutting off the water while the sprinklers are on. Does that help them pop up?


Saturday, June 13th 2015, 10:25pm

Thanks! I'll try that idea in the morning and report back.

As for that 5th wet spot, I was hesitant to dig up the lawn too much to find it. Unfortunately, it's in the most conspicuous place of the five. But it seems that it's the only way. Any tips on the best way to peel back the lawn? Or should I just grab a shovel?

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