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Saturday, January 3rd 2004, 6:11am

RAINBIRD controller resets

I am renting a house with an old RAINBIRD system (Mod# CIC-8). Recently, the controller seems to be losing power for no apparent reason. I can set the system only to check it that night and see that there is no power. Other times the system may work for a day or two and then lose power. Other times, I will check the system and see the display flashing as if it had been reset.
- The controller is hard wired into the house, so I am assuming power is available.
- I have repalced the rechargable battery with no change.
- During the times that I do lose power, resetting the circuit breaker has absolutely no effect, so I am suspecting the breaker or controller itself.

I am open to suggestions, but am also considering simply replacing the controller. Before replacing the controller, is there anything I can do to ensure the problem is in the controller itself?
Any assistance or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.


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Saturday, January 3rd 2004, 10:29am

The first thing I would probably do is replace the breaker, if that has no effect, it would be in your controller, or possibly your wire running to the controller. You may have hit it if it is underground, and it could possibly be that it shorts here and there.


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Tuesday, January 6th 2004, 7:05am

If it loses power how are you restoring power? In other words how are you able to get it functioning again?



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Wednesday, January 7th 2004, 2:15pm

I am not doing anything to reset the power--some days it is on, and others nothing.

I did pull the circuit breaker, but have been unable to find a replacement. I called RAINBIRD for assistance replacing the breaker, and the answer I rcvd was that my model was so old they recommend replacing it. The rep suggested the ESP LX+ series as a suitable replacement. Any suggestions.

Thanks again, all of your assistance has been very useful and greatly appreciated.

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