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Monday, May 18th 2015, 5:22am

PR OFF Message on Rainbird Controller

I have spent quite some time surfing the net, reading manuals, reading forums on the exact issue I am posting about with no success. SO here is my story:
Last summer I had an issue with on of the valves staying on ( I am assuming there was some debris or something keeping it from closing which I recently fixed) so I went ahead and just shut the water off completely to the sprinkler system. I unplugged the controller, removed the fuse and the lithium battery and it has sat dormant in the garage for the past winter. Yesterday I plugged it in and I am now getting this PR OFF message. I put a new fuse in, new lithium battery with no avail. I have also unplugged and pulled the battery multiple times hoping to reset the controller but still PR OFF shows right back up. Any suggestions other than calling a sprinkler tech or buying a new controller?
Thanks for the help:)


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Monday, May 18th 2015, 8:10am

The controller is telling you there's no AC power coming in. You have to figure out whether you have a bad connection, or a faulty power adapter, or whether there's no power where you plugged in.

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