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Saturday, May 16th 2015, 12:48pm

Controller Re-runs stations all day

Sorry if this has been asked before but searching didn't produce anything.

I have a Rainbird ESP-ME enhanced controller. I have 4 zones on schedule "A" and 6 zones on schedule "B". Schedule B has zero(0) start times. Schedule C & D are all zero(0) start times.

Schedule "A" is set for every other day for each zone(1,2,3,4) to fire starting at (1)7AM, (2)730AM, (3)8AM and (4)830AM. When all 4 are finished, it starts all over with zone 1 --> 4 for the whole day. Best guess is it stops late afternoon(3-4PM).

Anyone ever seen this? Do you have a solution? ?(



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Saturday, May 16th 2015, 3:29pm

Click on this

You've programmed too many start times. You only need one and the valves will run in sequence.

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