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Thursday, December 25th 2014, 7:02pm


I replaced the valve bonnet today.

Found the issue with my Old valve.
It was not the solenoid or the diaphragm but the small plastic water connect got messed up...
Look at the pressed plastic . Its a tiny hole and plastic must have got messed up when the handyman tried to put back the part together.
He wanted $300 to change the valve (Basically cut the pipes and mess with the whole system..yikee!).
I did not trust him because it was all working before he had opened the valve.

See this Picture:

The new Bonnet from a 205TF is perfect:

Here is the link for those that need it:

I am back in Business.
Thanks to this forum for helping me out.

Thanks Wet_boots and mrfixit!

I am now looking to change the timer on my system. Mine is an Old timer box but with no rain sensor indicator.

I have just this one valve that feeds into a 8 zone indexing valve for my 8 zones.
I am looking for something thats easy DIY and has a rain sensor indicator.


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Friday, December 26th 2014, 4:48am

You need a controller that can program a delay between zones, say five minutes minimum, to give the time for the index valve to fully complete the indexing (some need more time than others) - a Hunter XC-800 will suffice - it will be the master valve terminal to which you connect the Richdel solenoid.


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Friday, December 26th 2014, 10:25am

Thanks Wet_Boots.

So I will need something with 8 stations because I have 8 zones ?
I was thinking that since I have only 1 Valve a single zone one would work.
Sorry if my question is silly.

That Hunter XC-800 model looks great.
Any other options.

Maybe I can start a new thread with pictures so that anyone else searching would also find the inofrmation

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Friday, December 26th 2014, 11:43am

You want an 8-zone controller because you get individually adjustable zone running times that way. There are solid-state controllers made specifically for these indexing valves, that have only the one output, like your present controller has, but they aren't likely to be very much cheaper.

(and this controller question comes up with some regularity, which is why I asked about whether the Richdel valve had a line-voltage solenoid, which gets used when a controller is designed with the intent to directly power a pump on and off)

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