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Wednesday, September 17th 2014, 7:41pm

Only first sprinkler in zone is working


I recently did some updates on my sprinkler system and everything was working great until today. When I went to turn on a particular zone the first head pops up and works great but the rest don't. The same happens if I manually turn on the system. This zone has only 4 rotors. I dont see a leak anywhere on the line. The should mention that the remaining 3 heads have a little water trickling out. Not sure what the problem is. The valve is new. The rest of my zones work. A similar thing happened with this zone once but then the next time I turned it on it happened to work. Any advice would be very appreciated.

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Thursday, September 18th 2014, 7:47am

Best match for your symptoms are blockage or constriction. The first happens when dirt and rocks block a line somewhere downstream of a point where everything is working. The second is when tree roots grow around a pipe and choke it off. Blockage will be at a pipe fitting.

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