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Tuesday, July 29th 2014, 4:52pm

Program continues to cycle, won't stop after running through all zones

I've got a Richdel 508 controller. It has worked fine for a few months, until a couple months ago. For some reason, a program will simply repeat after running through all of the zones until I manually interrupt the program using the "Clear/Rain" button.

I've resorted to running in only semi-auto mode since. That is, I can set all of the zones and their durations properly, and it will successfully run through all zones. At the end of running through the 6 zones (the other 2 are switched to OFF), the program will stop running and water will stop, just as it should.

What would cause the program to go on repeat? I would have expected that the semi-auto feature would result in the same repeat cycle but I haven't had an issue

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Tuesday, July 29th 2014, 5:55pm

You probably have multiple start times programmed.




Wednesday, July 30th 2014, 12:31pm

Works today...

Well I unplugged the controller for a few minutes and started all over. I only have one start time set on Program A. I tried it a few times last night, and again today and it seems to be stopping correctly now.

I don't recall setting multiple start times, but perhaps something was set on accident.

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