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Sunday, July 20th 2014, 7:25pm

replacement of INtermatic timer that is connected to a irritrol valve connected to a fimco flow valve

I have a broken intermatic controller that I need to replace but its connect to a Irritrol valve (216B) and that is connected to a fimco hydro indexing flow Valve (4 zones). what type of controller can I replace it? do I need a 4 zone controller or 1 zone with multiple time since it seems that the fimco flow valve will do the four zones.


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Sunday, July 20th 2014, 10:04pm

You should try to get an exact replacement controller, or nearabouts, if you want a guaranteed result. Indexing valves need a delay between zones, and some of them are better off having a delay of a few minutes duration, and that is not an option on inexpensive modern controllers. Another reason to try to match controllers is that some of them will have a line voltage output, matching up with a line-voltage solenoid.

These old Intermatic controllers are actually repairable, sometimes only needing a replacement motor.

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