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Friday, April 4th 2014, 2:17pm

T reducers

I am setting up my very first drip irrigation system and I have the general idea how it works. The one thing that I am stumped on is the supply line to the drip lines. I was planning on using an 1/2" supply down to a 1/4" supply line. How do I step down the sizes. I was planning on using a T fitting that reduces down to 1/4 but I can not find one anywhere. Any help would be great.


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Saturday, April 5th 2014, 11:32am

You do not need any 1/2-to-1/4 reducers on a drip installation. The 1/4-inch tubing is for feeding individual outlets. You use the 1/2 inch drip tubing for all the supply plumbing, and emitters are the interface between the 1/2-inch tubing and 1/4-inch tubing.

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