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Saturday, March 15th 2014, 1:20pm

Replacing controllor with same colored wires

I bought this house a few years and the sprinkler system worked. It had a richdel 446pr timer with 6 zones and I could get 6 zones by playing with it. The controller quit working and I bought a rain bird 6-zone to replace. No zones were labeled in the richdel. I have the rainbird mounted and power to it, But I have only 5 wires. 1 white ( which I figure is the common) and 4 red wires. There are a couple of zones that I cannot get on and 1 zone comes on with 3 seperate zones. How do I figure out which wire goes where?



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Sunday, March 16th 2014, 12:07am

If you only have 1 white wire and 4 colored wires the odds are you only have 4 zones/valves. How many can you count in the yard? And do you have more than one controller?
It's possible you have a two doublers in the yard but it's unlikely. That's a device that can operate two valves independently of each other with only one hot wire. Count your valves.
It sounds like to me you've hooked the colored wires up wrong. You've probably hooked one to the master valve terminal. Try moving it to the number 4 slot and see what happens.

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