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Tuesday, April 8th 2003, 4:55am

Automatic Winterizer System

I am looking for a sprinkler system that automatically blows out the water after sprinkling to prevent freezing at night. Where I live, the fall and spring have freezing nights, but warm days. I would like to keep green lawns as long into the fall as possible, and as early in the spring as possible. However, using a typical system, I have to shut it off as soon as freezing nights start, and have to wait long into the spring to turn it on, to prevent damage by freezing. A system that runs the water, then blows compressed air to clear the system automatically would be perfect. It could also do this only when the temperature dropped to freezing. Does such a system exist?

MIT Frog
MIT Frog


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Tuesday, April 8th 2003, 12:43pm

No. But you can install automatic drain valves at the end of the laterals and in low spots in laterals. If you put them on the main line, you would need to have a master valve and a anti-siphon valves.

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